Carrianna Hotel Foshan (former Foshan Overseas Chinese Building) has received favorable reviews from the vast number of visitors by virtue of its unique geographical advantages and better management services. Carrianna Hotel Foshan provides an once-in-a-lifetime experience to every visitor staying at the hotel. In Carrianna Hotel Foshan, you will enjoy the extraordinary like you have never experienced before.

Carrianna Hotel Foshan is a hotel catering to overseas tourists. It is located in Zumiao Road, the center of a busting hub of business and commerce, where the scenic spots and historical sites such as the well-renowned Zumiao Temple and Liang’s Garden, one of the four most famous gardens of Guangdong Province, are within striking distance. Airports and bus stations can also be reached in an instant.

     Exquisite, Beautiful, Comfortable and Warm

Carrianna Hotel Foshan is equipped with 156 comfortable and spacious guest rooms with all kinds of styles. The supporting facilities include 5 fine dining rooms mixed with different styles, 2 multi-functional halls that can accommodate up to 450 people, as well as entertainment facilities such as tourism service, business center, administrative floor, conference hall, beauty center, gym, dance hall, garden pool, health wellness and so on.

      Magnificent style reveals luxury with pride

The magnificent conference hall is equipped with a variety of advanced conference facilities such as high-definition LED screen and computer projector. Carrianna Hotel Foshan has a number of conference halls and banquet halls with different styles and sizes. It is the best place for top-level meetings, contract negotiation, press conferences, banquets and various celebration events.

Yu Hua Xuan Cafeteria: indulge in the once-of-a-lifetime experience of warm environment, romantic and melodious music and healthy and tasty food.

You’d be surprised by the relaxing and natural, leisure and enjoyable culinary culture of no matter buffet, dim sum or whatever when you are dining at Carrianna Hotel Foshan. The restaurants gather all kinds of delicacies, provide elegant space for business banquets and family and friends’ gatherings, and create a perfect dining experience.

One-stop service experience of food, shelter, transportation, tourism, shopping and entertainment

Carrianna Hotel Foshan is located in Zumiao Road, adjacent to Foshan Lingnan Tiandi, where many famous tourist attractions such as Zumiao Temple, Renshou Temple and Liang’s Garden are within striking distance. It is an ideal hotel for travel enthusiasts. Imagine how wonderful it is when you settle down, travel around Foshan and finally come home with gifts from Carrianna Hotel. Not to mention that you will be able to take the shuttle bus between Foshan and Hong Kong or Macau inside the hotel.